Koutaffa Ceramics is out now


Koutaffa Ceramics is a passionate plunge into the world of pottery by the couple Meeri Koutaniemi and Sami Yaffa. The creations are inspired by nature and the will to explore and create. The pottery is made in collaboration with ceramic artist Minna Rusanen and Topi Raineranta.

"Our ceramic journey started in 2018 when we received a ceramics course as a wedding gift. We realised that making pottery had been a long-term dream for both of us. We had been thinking of doing ceramics for years; many years before we had even met", Meeri and Sami explain.

"The shapes and colours of the works repeat seasons and details of nature. Organic elements join into the purity and simplicity of design. The pieces consist of ceramic dishes and art ceramics."

Besides making dishes, Koutaniemi's ceramic mamilla domes depict the fertility of mother earth and the constant renewal of natural cycles.

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